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Membership Fees

Aspirant /


At a maximum of 12 months and minimum 6 months and a minimum of 8 Trainings, we want to get to know you. While you're an aspirant, all trainings are included (excl. Courses). After the Aspiration Time a transfer-fee of  200 CHF will be drafted.

290 CHF

Active Member

As an active member you will be able to enjoy all advantages of being a member of the Northern Lions Marksmen and part of the Swiss confederation of dynamic shooting (SVDS). Trainings, Matches and Camaraderie. Don't miss out on this opportunity.

390 CHF

Passive Member

As a passive member you will still be able to participate at our trainings without prebooking on our homepage. Though a training participation fee of 50 CHF will be drafted. In any case you'll be able to enjoy camaraderie and we're sure you'll have a lot of fun.

290 CHF

Benefits as an Active Member and Aspirant
  • Training sessions 2 times a month all year (Outdoor in Summer and Indoor in Winter)

  • Special Pricing for Courses organized by Northern Lions where Topics are not already covered in Training sessions. (Except IDPA Introduction course)

  • SVDS membership (Swiss Confederation of dynamic shooting) **

  • Support from the club and SVDS if you qualify for US-Nationals or World Championship**

  • Loads of fun and camaradarie

 *As mentioned in the statutes, to be recognized as a potential active or passive member after the aspirational period, you'll have to be an aspirant for at least 6 months or participate at least in 8 training-sessions. The club board will decide at its discretion if an aspirant entitles to become an active member

** Doesn't apply for Aspirants

Benefits as an Passive Member
  • Training sessions 2 times a month all year (Outdoor in Summer and Indoor in Winter) 50 CHF Fee will apply for each Training session

  • Just turn up, no pre-booking is needed

  • Each Training you participate will be logged, so in case there will be a training-log needed by authorities, you'll have it. 

  • Still loads of fun and camaradarie

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